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Along with the fully supported built-in frameworks (document types), Oxygen XML Web Author also provides limited support (including document templates) for editing some other document types.

Markdown Documents

Oxygen XML Web Author includes a Markdown editor for documents with a file extension of .md, .markdown, .mdown, or .markdn. It provides toolbar actions to insert common Markdown structures such as inline markup, lists, code blocks, images, links, tables, and others. Once inserted, the markup is rendered with a specific style. For example, titles are rendered with a larger font.

If a schematronUrl parameter is specified for the current Markdown document, it is validated in real-time against the business rules specified in the Schematron file. Issues are presented in the editor in several ways:

  • The corresponding content is underlined with a color according to the problem severity.
  • Details about the problem are presented in the Validation side-view.
  • Details about the problem appear in a tooltip when you hover over content where the problem is detected.
Warning: If a Schematron file is not detected as being trusted, it is executed in a sandbox that, for example, restricts the use of the document XPath function to load external resources. The Schematron file can be marked as trusted in the Security section of the Administration Page.
This Markdown support is available for Web Author integrations with the following types of file repositories:
  • Git
  • IBM Content Navigator
    Note: For FileNet, a MIME type must be set to text/markdown or application/markdown.
  • WebDAV
    Note: Markdown documents do not support the autosave or auto-lock features for WebDAV repository integrations.

A Markdown template file is also available in the Create File dialog box when creating a new file.

Knowledge Base Articles

Oxygen XML Web Author includes a Knowledge Base Article template available in the Create File dialog box when creating a new file. It is a DITA-based document and simply provides a starting point for a typical structure for a knowledge base article.

Image Files

You can open various types of image files in Oxygen XML Web Author. They cannot be edited but a preview of the image is shown and you can perform normal file operations such as committing/saving to your type of repository, or copying the image to the system clipboard.