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Oxygen XML Web Author does not manage the users itself, but it can work with an external user management service. This allows you to manage permissions and authentication, display the name of the user in comments and tracked changes, or customize the interface according to a user profile.

User Authentication

Users do not have to log in to the Web Author server itself. However, they need to give Web Author permissions to access files on their behalf. This is usually handled through the use of a file storage connector plugin and by implementing an authentication mechanism.

User Name

The name of the user is used by Web Author for comments and tracked changes. To configure the editor to display the correct name, you simply need to construct a target URL and use the author parameter to specify the user's name.

Customizing the UI According to User Profile

In most cases, Oxygen XML Web Author is used by diverse groups of people composed of subject matter experts, support teams, technical writers, and other content contributors and reviewers. In many cases, it makes sense to customize the complexity of the user interface according to the user profile. This allows you to simplify the user interface for particular types of users so that they only have access to features that are relevant for their particular usage.

Some of the things that you can customize for particular users include: