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The Oxygen XML Web Author CSS support is compatible with most of what is offered by the standalone distribution of Oxygen XML Editor/Author. However, there are some exceptions:
  • The + (direct adjacent) and > (child selector) structural selectors cannot be used to match table-related elements.
  • Oxygen CSS extensions are ignored on print media. If an Oxygen CSS extension is used on the screen media, it will also be used on the print media.
  • Oxygen CSS extension properties and functions cannot be used in a rule that has a :hover pseudo-class in the selector. The attr function is also not supported in such a rule due to a lack of browser support.
  • The following CSS properties are not supported:
    • -oxy-link-activation-trigger
    • -oxy-style
  • The :hover pseudo-class is only available for mouse-enabled platforms.
  • Oxygen CSS extensions used in property values that express lengths may not behave as expected. Nevertheless, it is a good approximation.
  • Oxygen CSS extensions used in media queries may not behave as expected.
  • Oxygen synthetic DOM nodes comment, reference, cdata, pi, and error interfere with the + (direct adjacent) structural selector. For example:
    b + b {
    color: red;
    will not match the following XML structure:
  • Oxygen XML Web Author does not render non-table-row children elements of tables and non-table-cell elements of table-row elements.
  • A width or height property set on any element other than the root XML element may cause some resize handles (that cannot be disabled) to be displayed in IE 11. This is also true for elements that have a position property with a value of absolute or fixed. For more information about this issue, see this Microsoft Connect article.
  • Oxygen XML Web Author does not support the following:
    • :nth-last-of-type, :first-of-type, :last-of-type, :nth-last-of-type pseudo-classes.
    • -oxy-tags-color and -oxy-tags-background-color properties.
    • Subject selector and the :has selector. As an exception, they are supported when all the property declarations of the CSS rule contains Oxygen-specific CSS extensions or the content property. For example:
      figure:has(title) {
        -oxy-foldable: true;
      is supported since the property contains the -oxy-foldable custom CSS property, while:
      figure:has(title) {
        display: block;
      is not supported.
    • Specifying widths for inline elements.
    • Attribute selectors that use wildcards for the attribute name.
    • CSS property values that contain the oxy_xpath function are not refreshed correctly.
  • The -oxy-foldable property does not work with elements that have: display: inline.
  • Some form controls have a property named columns and its unit size is "the width of the w character". In Oxygen XML Web Author, the unit size is 1em.

To overcome some of these limitations, you can use media queries described in Customization Tips.