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This tutorial assumes that you have a Maven project that implements a plugin for Oxygen XML Web Author.

You need to create an AuthorDocumentModel, which is the server-side model for an XML document opened in the browser. For this, you need to use the ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.webapp.WebappAuthorDocumentFactory class. However, this class has to be configured to run in a development mode by following these steps:
  1. You need to declare a dependency on mockito-all in the pom.xml file, like this:
  2. In the root folder of your project, you need to create a test/fake_editor_home/frameworks/ folder and place all the frameworks you want to use in tests in this folder. The Web Author's default frameworks are available in the Oxygen Maven repository:
  3. Call MockAuthorDocumentFactory.initForTests() on your test's setUp() method.