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The purpose of this topic is to help you choose which distribution of Oxygen XML Web Author is appropriate for your particular use-case.

Oxygen XML Web Author has two distributions:
  1. Oxygen XML Web Author (product) - This version can be downloaded from the Oxygen website and is licensed according to the Web Author License Agreement.
  2. Web Author Component - Provided as a Maven artifact (according to the SDK Agreement) that is used in the Web Author Component integration project. This project can be used as a starting point for your integration.
    Note: The formal definition for Web Author Component inside the SDK agreement is:
    "“Web Author Component” is a subset of Software composed of a server component operating as a service application and a client component deployed to a web browser, such as an HTML5 based application, where the client component is not installed on the client machine but is in use by the client machine while the browser is connected to the server component."

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For end-users, the recommended distribution is Oxygen XML Web Author (product).

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If you develop frameworks or plugins that provides enhanced functionality for Oxygen XML Web Author, it is recommended to distribute the plugin or framework separately from Web Author. They will work with both types of distributions and the end-users can choose:
  • To install your plugin or framework in Web Author.
  • To use a solution based on Web Author that has the plugin or framework installed by default.
  • To use a solution based on Web Author and install the plugin or framework themselves.
Example of such plugins/frameworks:
  • Integration with a terminology database.
  • Adding support to edit embedded SVG snippets.
  • Providing support for a specific XML language.

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If you want to integrate Oxygen XML Web Author into another application (for example, a CMS), that you distribute to your end-users, there are several aspects to consider when choosing between the two distributions:


There are some features that are available in the installable Oxygen XML Web Author product requires an additional plugin to be available in the Web Author Component. For example, the File Comparison Tool is available by default in the Oxygen XML Web Author product, but requires an additional plugin to be installed for it to be available in the Web Author Component version.


If you want to use the Web Author Component, you must have your own application that is not called Oxygen XML Web Author, but will contain Web Author as a software component provided by Syncro Soft. Hence, Syncro Soft does not have a direct legal link with your users, you will handle the licensing of your application to your end-users.

For the official details, you can consult the license agreements for both distributions:
  1. Oxygen XML Web Author (product): https://www.oxygenxml.com/eula_webauthor.html
  2. Web Author Component: https://www.oxygenxml.com/sdk_agreement.html


The prices for Oxygen XML Web Author (product) are listed on the Oxygen website: https://www.oxygenxml.com/xml_web_author/buy_oxygen_xml_web_author.html.

If you choose to use the Web Author product to distribute as a plugin or framework, then you act as a channel reseller, basically reselling Oxygen XML Web Author to your end-users and you must pay Syncro Soft the corresponding cost of the license.

The Web Author Component has more flexible pricing alternatives for resellers that are negotiated for each contract and include:
  • Subscription packages similar to the ones used for the Web Author product, but you may get a discount depending on the partnership level (Gold, Silver, Bronze).
  • Solution OEM license.

If you choose to integrate the Web Author Component into your application, the cost is based on royalties, rather than a cost for the license. That means you do not need to pay for the ability to include the component in your application, but when you distribute your application you must pay a royalty to Syncro Soft.


It is strongly recommended to implement any customization as a combination of plugins, frameworks, and options. If you are using Web Author Component, you can also alter the Web Author files, but this is discouraged since those files are not considered API and may change in a future version.


If you want to use Oxygen XML Web Author (product), you can install it using the installation kits, then configure the plugins, frameworks, and options using a browser-based UI. Alternatively, you can configure Oxygen XML Web Author to load the configuration from a custom directory (Oxygen Data Directory) along with desired plugins, frameworks, and options.

If you want to use Web Author Component, you can use the Web Author Component integration project to build a custom WAR file with plugins, frameworks, and options bundled. This WAR file can be deployed in any Servlet container (for example, Tomcat).


If you want to use Oxygen XML Web Author (product), your users must download Oxygen XML Web Author from the Oxygen website, while you will distribute your plugins/frameworks to your users. You should provide instructions on how to deploy and use Oxygen XML Web Author. Alternatively, you can install and configure it for them.

If you want to use Web Author Component, you will distribute the customized WAR file.