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Oxygen XML Editor offers Quick Fixes for common errors that appear in XML documents that are validated against DTD, XSD, or Relax NG schemas.
Note: For XML documents validated against XSD schemas, the Quick Fixes are only available if you use the default Xerces validation engine.
Quick Fixes are available in Text mode and Author mode.
Oxygen XML Editor provides Quick Fixes for numerous types of problems, including the following:
Problem Type Available Quick Fixes
A specific element is required in the current context Insert the required element
An element is invalid in the current context Remove the invalid element
The content of the element should be empty Remove the element content
An element is not allowed to have child elements Remove all child elements
Text is not allowed in the current element Remove the text content
A required attribute is missing Insert the required attribute
An attribute is not allowed to be set for the current element Remove the attribute
The attribute value is invalid Propose the correct attribute values
ID value is already defined Generate a unique ID value
References to an invalid ID Change the reference to an already defined ID