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Figure 1. The xs:any Component

Enables the author to extend the XML document with elements not specified by the schema. See more info at http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema11-1/#element-any.

The graphical representation also contains the value for the minOccurs and maxOccurs properties (for 0..1 and 1..1 occurs the values are implied by the connector style) and the connectors to the wildcard are drawn using dotted lines if the wildcard is optional.

Table 1. xs:any Properties
Property Name Description Possible Values
Namespace The list of allowed namespaces. The namespace attribute expects a list of namespace URIs. In this list, two values have a specific meaning: '##targetNamespace' stands for the target namespace, and '##local' stands for local attributes (without namespaces). ##any, ##other, ##targetNamespace, ##local or anyURI
notNamespace Specifies the namespace that extension elements or attributes cannot come from ##local, ##targetNamespace
notQName Specifies an element or attribute that is not allowed ##defined
Process Contents Type of validation required on the elements allowed for this wildcard skip, lax, strict
Min Occurs Minimum occurrences of any A numeric positive value. Default is 1
Max Occurs Maximum occurrences of any A numeric positive value. Default is 1
ID The component ID Any ID
Component The name of the edited component Not editable property
System ID The component system ID Not editable property