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The type alternatives mechanism allows you to specify type substitutions on an element declaration.
Note: xs:alternative is available for XML Schema 1.1.
Figure 1. The xs:alternative Component
Table 1. xs:alternative Properties
Name Description Possible Values
Type Specifies type substitutions for an element, depending on the value of the attributes All declared or built-in types. In addition, the following anonymous types are available: [ST-restriction], [ST-union], [ST-list], [CT-anonymous], [CT-extension SC], [CT-restriction SC], [CT-restriction CC], [CT-extension CC]
Test Specifies an XPath expression. If the XPath condition is valid, the specified type is selected as the element type. The expressions allowed are limited to a subset of XPath 2.0. Only the attributes of the current element and inheritable attributes from ancestor elements are accessible in the XPath expression. When you edit this property, the content completion list of proposals offers XPath expressions. An XPath expression
XPath Default Namespace The default namespace used when the XPath expression is evaluated ##defaultNamespace, ##targetNamespace, ##local
ID Specifies the component ID Any ID
Component Specifies the type of XML schema component Not editable property
System ID Points to the document location of the schema Not editable property