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The WSDL documentation generated in HTML format is presented in a visual diagram style with various sections, hyperlinks, and options.

Figure 1. WSDL Documentation in HTML Format

The documentation of each component is presented in a separate section. The title of the section is composed of the component type and the component name. The component information (namespace, documentation, etc.) is presented in a tabular form.

If you choose to split the output into multiple files, the table of contents is displayed in the left frame and is divided in two tabs: Components and Resource Hierarchy.

The Components tab allows you to group the contents by namespace, location, or component type. The WSDL components from each group are sorted alphabetically. The Resource Hierarchy tab displays the dependencies between WSDL and XML Schema modules in a tree-like fashion. The root of the tree is the WSDL document that you generate documentation for.

After the documentation is generated, you can collapse or expand details for some WSDL components by using the Showing options or the Collapse or Expand buttons.

Figure 2. Showing Options