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The Content Completion Assistant is a powerful feature that enhances the editing of WSDL documents. It helps you define WSDL components by proposing context-sensitive element names. It can be manually activated with the Ctrl + Space (Command + Space on OS X) shortcut.

Another important capability of the Content Completion Assistant is to propose references to the defined components when you edit attribute values. For example, when you edit the @type attribute of a <binding> element, the Content Completion Assistant proposes all the defined port types. Each proposal that the Content Completion Assistant offers is accompanied by a documentation hint.
Note: XML schema-specific elements and attributes are offered when the current editing context is the internal XML schema of a WSDL document.
Figure 1. WSDL Content Completion Assistant
Note: If you are using the concept of master files to import/include modules, the Content Completion Assistant collects its components starting from the master files. The master files can be defined in the project or in the associated validation scenario. For more information about the Master Files support in Oxygen XML Editor, see Defining Master Files at Project Level.

Namespace prefixes in the scope of the current context are presented at the top of the content completion assistance window to speed up the insertion into the document of prefixed elements.

Figure 2. Namespace Prefixes in the Content Completion Assistant

For the common namespaces, such as XML Schema namespace (http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema) or SOAP namespace (http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/), Oxygen XML Editor provides an easy mode to declare them by proposing a prefix for these namespaces.