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The Component Dependencies view allows you to see the dependencies for a selected component. This is helpful if you want to see where components are used in the entire hierarchy. For example, if you want to find all the references where a given component is used.

If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

To see the dependencies of a WSDL component:
  1. Right-click the desired component in the editor or Outline view.
  2. Select the Component Dependencies action from the contextual menu.

This action is available for all WSDL components (messages, port types, operations, bindings, and so on).

If a component contains multiple references, a small table is displayed at the bottom of the view that contains all the references. When a recursive reference is encountered, it is marked with a special icon .

Figure 1. Component Dependencies View

The Component Dependencies view includes the following toolbar actions:
Refreshes the dependencies structure.
Stops the dependency computation.
Allows you to choose the search scope for computing the dependencies structure. This is helpful for making sure all imported/included resources are computed.
Allows you to select from a list of the most recently used dependency computations.
In addition, the following actions are available in the contextual menu:
Go to First Reference
Selects the first reference of the currently selected component in the dependencies tree.
Go to Component
Shows the definition of the currently selected component in the dependencies tree.