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What is Preserved During an Upgrade?

When you install a new version of Oxygen XML Editor, first you need to remove or rename the old installation directory. By renaming the directory, it can coexist with the new installation and the following data will be preserved:
  • All the files from the old install directory will be preserved, including any modification in framework files, XSLT stylesheets, XML Catalogs, and templates. However, these modifications will not be automatically imported into the new installation.
  • All global user preferences are preserved in the new version.
  • All project preferences will be preserved in their project files.
  • Any custom frameworks that were stored outside the installation directory (as configured in Document type associations > Locations) will be preserved and will be found by the new installation.

How to Upgrade Oxygen XML Editor on OS X

  1. Uninstall the current version of Oxygen XML Editor or rename the installation directory (for example, Oxygen XML Editor.old).
  2. Upgrading to a new version might require a new license key. To check if your license key is compatible with the new version, select Help > Check for New Version. Note that the application needs an Internet connection to check the license compatibility.
  3. Download and install the new version in an empty folder according to the instructions for your platform and the type of installer you selected.
  4. If you installed from an archive (as opposed to an executable installer) you may have to update any shortcuts you have created or modify the system PATH to point to the new installation folder.
  5. Restart Oxygen XML Editor.
  6. If you require a new license for your upgrade, install it now according to the procedure for your platform and the type of installer you selected.