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In the Menu subtab, you can configure which actions will appear in the framework-specific menu. The subtab is divided into two sections: Available actions and Current actions.

To open the Menu subtab, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Document Type Association, use the New, Edit, Duplicate, or Extend button, click on the Author tab, and then the Menu subtab.

The Available actions section presents a table that displays the actions defined in the Actions subtab, along with their icon, ID, and name. The Current actions section holds the actions that are displayed in the Oxygen XML Editor menu. To add an action in this section as a sibling of the currently selected action, use the Add as sibling button. To add an image in this section as a child of the currently selected action, use the Add as child button.

The following actions are available in the Current actions section:
Edits an item.
Removes an item.
Move Up
Moves an item up.
Move Down
Moves an item down.