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You can generate the same Schematron Quick Fix for multiple matches. To do this, you can add the @use-for-each attribute inside the <sqf:fix> element and for each match of the XPath expression in the value of the @use-for-each attribute, a Quick Fix will be presented to the user. The XPath expression does not change the context of the Quick Fix. If you want to access the current match from the XPath expression, you can use the $sqf:current variable.


Suppose you want to restrict the user from entering more than 4 list items in a list. The following example presents an error on any list that has more than 4 list items and offers a Quick Fix with multiple proposals where the user would specify which list item to remove.

<sch:rule context="ul">
    <sch:report test="count(li) gt 4" sqf:fix="removeAnyItem">
        The list cannot contain more than 4 entries.
    <sqf:fix id="removeAnyItem" use-for-each="1 to count(li)">
            <sqf:title>Remove item #<sch:value-of select="$sqf:current"/></sqf:title>
        <sqf:delete match="li[$sqf:current]"/>