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The SharePoint Browser view allows you to connect to a SharePoint repository and perform SharePoint-specific actions on the available resources. To display this view, go to Window > Show View > SharePoint Browser.

Figure 1. SharePoint Browser View

The view is split in several functional areas:

Connection Area

The following controls are available:
  • The Site combo box allows you to select and connect to an already defined SharePoint connection.
  • The Disconnect action terminates the current connection.
  • The Settings drop-down menu contains actions that help you to quickly define a new connection or manage the existing ones from the Data Source options page: New SharePoint Connection and Configure Database Sources. Also, here you can choose one of the predefined view layouts.

SharePoint Site Navigation Area

If there is no connection selected in the Site combo box, this area is left blank and promotes the actions that allow you to quickly add SharePoint connections. Otherwise, the navigation area presents the SharePoint site structure in a tree-like fashion with various node types (such as sites, libraries, and folders).

Depending on the type of node, a contextual menu offers customized actions that can be performed on that node. The contextual menu of a folder allows you to create new folders and documents, import folders and files, and to rename and delete the folder.
Note: The rename and delete actions are not available for library root folders (folders located at first level in a SharePoint library).

Each library node displays a drop-down menu next to its name where you can select what you want to display for the current library node. This functionality is also available on the contextual menu of the node.

Figure 2. Drop-Down Menu to Select Which Items to Display

Folder Content Area

The content of a folder is displayed in a tabular form, where each row represents the properties of a folder or document. The list of columns and the way the documents and folders are organized depends on the currently selected view of the parent library.

Table 1. Contextual Menu Actions for the Folder Area
Action Description Available for
folders documents
Open Displays the content of the currently selected folder.

Opens the current document for editing.

Rename Renames the current node on server.
Import Import files or folders into the currently selected folder.
Delete Deletes the current node from the server.
Copy Location Copies to clipboard the URL of the current node.
Check Out Reserves the current document for your use so that other users cannot change it while you are editing it.
Check In Commits on the server the changes you made to the document, so that other users can see them. It also makes the document available for editing to other users.
Discard Check Out Discards the previous checkout operation, making the file available for editing to other users.
Refresh Queries the server to refresh the available properties of the current node.
Drag and Drop You can drag documents from the SharePoint Browser view and drop them in the main editor area to open them with ease.
You can filter and sort the displayed items. To display the available filters of a column, click the filter widget located on the column header. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.
Note: A column can be filtered or sorted only if it was configured this way on the server side.
Figure 3. Column Filter