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To perform a search in the file paths of your resources, open the Open/Find Resource dialog box (from the Find menu or with Ctrl + Shift + R (Command + Shift + R on OS X)) or the Open/Find Resource view (by default, located on the left side of the editor), select the In file paths option, and in the search field enter the terms that you want to search for.

The Open/Find Resource feature allows you to search for a resource either by its name or by its path (or by a fragment of its path).

You can use wildcards when you perform such searches:

  • Use "*" to match any sequence of characters.
  • Use "?" to match any single character.

For example, if you search for *-preferences-page you will find all the resources that contain the -preferences-page fragment in their name. If you search for */samples/*.gif, you will find all the .gif images from the samples directory.