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The Author mode renders the content of the XML documents visually, based on CSS stylesheets associated with the document.

Selecting and Combining Multiple CSS Styles

Oxygen XML Editor provides a Styles drop-down menu on the toolbar that allows you to select one main (non-alternate) CSS style and multiple alternate CSS styles. This makes it easy to change the look of the document as it appears in Author mode and the output without having to continually edit the CSS stylesheets.

Tip: For information about configuring the Styles drop-down menu, see Configuring and Managing Multiple CSS Styles for a Framework.

You can select a main CSS style that applies to the whole document and then alternate styles that are applied as layers to specific parts of the document. For example, in the subsequent figure, a DITA document has the Century style selected for the main CSS and the alternate styles Full width, Show table column specification, Hints, and Inline actions are combined for additive styling to specific parts of the document.

The selections from the Styles drop-down menu are persistent, meaning that Oxygen XML Editor will remember the selections when subsequent documents are opened.

Figure 1. Styles Drop-down Menu in a DITA Document