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Sometimes the base URL of the repository is changed after a working copy is checked out from that URL. For example, if the repository itself is moved to a different server. In such cases, you do not have to check out a working copy from the new repository location. It is easier to change the base URL of the root folder of the working copy to the new URL of the repository.
Note: Peg revisions have no effect for this operation.

This Relocate action is available in the Tools menu when selecting the root item of the working copy.

Note: External items that are defined using absolute URLs and that point to the same repository as the working copy are not affected by the Relocate action (the URL is not updated). To relocate these items, change the value of the svn:externals property for each external item (set on their parent directories). For example, if an external item is defined as externalDir http://host/path/to/repo/to/dir and the repository was moved to another server (host2) and its protocol changed to https, then the value of the property needs to be updated to externalDir https://host2/path/to/repo/to/dir.
Tip: If you edit external items using the method described in the previous note, on the next update the system will try to fetch the external items again. To avoid this, you can invoke the Relocate action on each of these external items.