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When editing Relax NG schemas in Full Model View, the contextual menu offers the following actions:

Go to definition (Available for imported components)
This action is available for imported components from other RNG files, and it shows where that component is defined.
Append child
Appends a child to the selected component.
Insert Before
Inserts a component before the selected component.
Insert After
Inserts a component after the selected component.
Edit attributes
Edits the attributes of the selected component.
Removes the selected component.
Show only the selected component
Depending on its state (selected/not selected), either the selected component or all the diagram components are shown.
Show Annotations
Depending on its state (selected/not selected), the documentation nodes are shown or hidden.
Auto expand to references
This option controls how the schema diagram is automatically expanded. If you select it and then edit a top-level element or you make a refresh, the diagram is expanded until it reaches referenced components. If this option is left unchecked, only the first level of the diagram is expanded, showing the top-level elements. For large schemas, the editor disables this option automatically.
Collapse Children
Collapses the children of the selected view.
Expand Children
Expands the children of the selected view.
Print Selection
Prints the selected view.
Save as Image
Saves the current selection as JPEG, BMP, SVG or PNG image.
Refreshes the schema diagram according to the changes in your code. They represent changes in your imported documents or changes that are not reflected automatically in the compiled schema).

If the schema is not valid, you see only an error message in the Logical Model View instead of the diagram.