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Oxygen XML Editor allows you to configure how the Text mode editor appears. To configure these options, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Edit modes > Text.

The following options are available:
Editor background color
Sets the background color for the Text editing mode, Outline view, and some external tool editors (Large File Viewer, Compare Files, Compare Directories).
Editor cursor color
Sets the color for the cursor in Text mode.
Highlight current line
If selected, the current line is highlighted with the foreground color specified with the color chooser.
Show line numbers
If selected (default value), line numbers are shown in the editor panels and in the Output view of the debugger perspectives. You can also specify the color for the line numbers using the color chooser. Printed output will also include the line numbers.
Show print margin

If selected, it allows you to set a safe print limit in the form of a vertical line displayed in the right side of the editor pane. You can also customize the print margin line color.

Print margin column
Allows you to specify a limit for the print width, measured in the number of characters.
Line wrap
If selected, long lines are automatically wrapped in edited documents. The line wrap does not alter the document content since the application does not use new-line characters to break long lines.
Cut / Copy whole line when nothing is selected
If selected, Cut and Copy actions operate on the entire current line when nothing is selected in the editor.
Enable folding
If selected (default value), the vertical stripe that holds the folding markers is displayed in Text mode.
Highlight matching tag
If selected, when you place the cursor on a start or end tag, Oxygen XML Editor highlights the corresponding member of the pair. You can also customize the highlight color.
Lock the XML tags
If selected, XML are locked and cannot be edited in Text mode.