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Oxygen XML Editor can format and indent your CSS files. To configure the CSS formatting options, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Format > CSS.

The following options control how your CSS files are formatted and indented:
Class body on new line
If selected, the class body (including the curly brackets) is placed on a new line. This option is not selected by default.
Indent class content
When selected (default state), the class content is indented.
Add space before the value of a CSS property
When selected (default state), whitespaces are added between the : (colon) and the value of a style property.
Add new line between classes
If selected, an empty line is added between two classes. This option is not selected by default.
Preserve empty lines
When selected (default state), the empty lines from the CSS content are preserved.
Allow formatting embedded CSS
When selected (default state), CSS content that is embedded in XML is also formatted when the XML content is formatted.