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Oxygen XML Editor provides content completion assistance when you are writing XML Schema (XSD). To configure XSD preferences, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Content Completion > XSD. The option in this preferences page allows you to define additional elements to be suggested by the Content Completion Assistant in <xs:appinfo> elements (in addition to the elements defined in the XML Schema).

The following option is available:

When in "xs:appinfo" context, also include elements declared in the schema
You can choose between the following:
  • None - The Content Completion Assistant offers only the XML Schema schema information.
  • ISO Schematron - The Content Completion Assistant also includes ISO Schematron elements in <xs:appinfo>.
  • Schematron 1.5 - The Content Completion Assistantalso includes Schematron 1.5 elements in <xs:appinfo>.
  • Other - The Content Completion Assistant also includes elements from an XML Schema identified by a URL in <xs:appinfo> elements.