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A valid JSON document is a well-formed document that also conforms to the rules of a JSON Schema that defines the legal syntax of a JSON document. The purpose of the JSON schema is to define the legal properties and values of a JSON document.

This section contains topics that explain the automatic and manual validation possibilities in Oxygen XML Editor, how validation errors are presented, and information about built-in validation scenarios.

Oxygen XML Editor also includes a built-in JSON Schematron Validator engine to validate JSON documents against a Schematron schema specified in a custom validation scenario or using the Validate with action.
Tip: Inside the samples folder, there are a few files you can use to see how Schematron validation can be done with JSON files. The path of the folder containing these sample files is: [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/samples/json/schematron/.

For information about how to associate a schema for the purposes of validation, see Associating a Schema Through a Validation Scenario.