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When a component (for example property or target) is found at the current cursor position, they are highlighted in both the document and in the stripe bar at the right side of the document. Oxygen XML Editor also supports occurrences highlight for type and task references.

Customizable colors are used (one for the component definition and another one for component references). Occurrences are displayed until another component is selected and a new search is performed. All highlights are removed when you start to edit the document.

This feature is enabled by default. To configured it, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Mark Occurrences. If your particular type of file is not selected, you can perform this search by going to Search > Search Occurrences in File Ctrl + Shift + U (Command + Shift + U on OS X) in the contextual menu. Matches are displayed in separate tabs of the Results view.