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Oxygen XML Editor allows you to view and edit the JSON documents in the Grid mode. The JSON is represented in Grid mode as a compound layout of nested tables and the JSON data and structure can be easily manipulated with table-specific operations or drag and drop operations on the grid components.

Figure 1. JSON Editor Grid Mode
You can also use the following JSON-specific contextual actions:
Useful when you want to convert a JSON value to array.
Insert value before
Inserts a value before the currently selected one.
Insert value after
Inserts a value after the currently selected one.
Append value as child
Appends a value as a child of the currently selected value.

You can customize the JSON grid appearance according to your needs. For instance, you can change the font, the cell background, foreground, or even the colors from the table header gradients. The default width of the columns can also be changed.