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Selecting content in the Grid mode is similar to working with any table with a little more complexity. Specifically, depending on the type of node, when you select a cell, the selection may automatically include additional cells that are implied by the currently selected node. For example, if you click a node that contains any child nodes, all cells that contain the parent and child nodes will be selected. In this case, the currently selected cell is painted with a color that is different from the rest of the selection.

You can also select discontinuous regions of nodes and place them in the clipboard with the copy action. To deselect one of the selected fragments, use Ctrl + Single-Click (Command + Single-Click on OS X).

Pasting Content Within Grid Mode

You can paste copied nodes relative to the currently selected cell using one of the following actions (available in the contextual menu):
  • Paste (Ctrl + V (Command + V on OS X)) - Pastes copied content, as a sibling, just below (after) the current selection.
  • Paste as Child - Pastes copied content as the last child of the current selection.

Pasting Content from Grid Mode to Other Editors

Nodes that are copied from the Grid editor can also be pasted into Text mode or other external applications. When pasting copied content from Grid mode, the inserted string represents the nodes serialization. The nodes from tables can be copied using HTML or RTF in table format. The resulting cells contain only the concatenated values of the text nodes.

Figure 1. Copying from Grid to Other Editors

Pasting Content from Other Editors into Grid Mode

You can also paste well-formed XML content or tab-separated values from other editors into the Grid editor. If you paste XML content, the result will be the insertion of the nodes obtained by parsing this content.

Figure 2. Pasting XML Data into Grid

If the pasted text contains multiple lines of tab-separated values, it can be considered as a matrix of values. By pasting this matrix of values into the Grid editor, the result will be a matrix of cells. If the operation is performed inside existing cells, the existing values will be overwritten and new cells will be created when needed.

Figure 3. Pasting Tab-Separated Values into Grid

If you need to add copied content to your existing content (rather than overwriting existing cells), you need to first insert new cells by using the Insert row or Insert column actions from the contextual menu. This is useful, for example, when trying to transfer data from spreadsheet-like editors to the Grid editor.