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Content that is inserted by the Add, Replace, or String Replace Schematron Quick Fix operations is automatically indented unless you set the value of the @xml:space attribute to preserve on the operation element. There are several methods available to format the content that is inserted:
  • xsl:text - You can use an <xsl:text> element to format the inserted content and keep the automatic indentation, as in the following example:
    <sqf:add position="last-child">
            <entry>First column</entry><xsl:text>
            <entry>Second column</entry><xsl:text>
  • xml:space - Use the @xml:space attribute and set its value to preserve to format the content and specify the spacing between elements, as in the following example:
    <sqf:add node-type="element" target="codeblock" xml:space="preserve">
        /* a long sample program */
        Do forever
         Say "Hello, World"