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When working with a large document, the folding support in Oxygen XML Editor can be used to collapse some element content leaving only the parts that you need to edit in focus. Expanding and collapsing works on individual elements. Expanding an element leaves the child elements unchanged.

Figure 1. Folding of XML Elements in Author Mode

The fact that the folds are persistent is a unique feature of Oxygen XML Editor, meaning the next time you open the document the folds are restored to its last state.

Folding Actions in Author Mode

Foldable elements are marked with a small triangle (/) on the left side of the editor panel. If you hover over that arrow, the entire content of the element is highlighted by a dotted border for quick identification of the foldable area. To toggle the fold, simply click the icon. Also, the following actions are available in the Folding sub-menu of the contextual menu or from the Document > Folding menu:

Toggle Fold (or you can simply click on the / arrow)
Toggles the state of the current fold.
Collapse Other Folds (Ctrl + NumPad/ (Command + NumPad/ on OS X))
Folds all the elements except the current element.
Collapse Child Folds (Ctrl + NumPad. (Command + NumPad. on OS X))
Folds the child elements that are indented one level inside the current element.
Expand Child Folds
Unfolds all child elements of the currently selected element.
Expand All (Ctrl + NumPad* (Command + NumPad* on OS X))
Unfolds all elements in the current document.

For more information about the folding support in Oxygen XML Editor, watch our video demonstration: