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Oxygen XML Editor stores the master files in a folder located in the Project view, as the first child of the project root. The Master Files Support is disabled by default and Oxygen XML Editor allows you to enable or disable the Master Files Support for each project you are working on.

To enable Master Files support, do one of the following:
  • Select Enable Master Files Support from the Settings menu in the top-right corner of the Project view.
  • Select Enable Master Files Support from the contextual menu of the project root folder in the Project view. If a disabled Master Files folder exists, you can also select that option from its contextual menu.
  • Click the Enable button in the tooltip located at the bottom of the Project view. This tooltip window is displayed when the Master Files support is disabled. Clicking the Read more link takes you to the user guide. Clicking the Enable button opens the Enable Master Files dialog box. This dialog box contains general information about the Master Files Support and allows you to enable it. You can also use the Detect and Enable button in this dialog box to detect the master files from the current project.
    Warning: Once you close this window tip, Oxygen XML Editor hides it for all projects. You can make the window tip reappear by resetting Oxygen XML Editor to its default settings. However, doing so will result in you losing your customized options.