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An XML Schema describes the structure of an XML document and is used to validate XML document instances against it, to check that the XML instances conform to the specified requirements. If an XML instance conforms to the schema then it is said to be valid. Otherwise, it is invalid.

Oxygen XML Editor offers support for both XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 and you can edit XML Schema files in the following editing modes:
  • Text editing mode - Allows you to edit XML Schema files in a source editing mode.
  • Grid editing mode - Displays XML Schema files in a structured spreadsheet-like grid.
  • Design editing mode - Visual schema designer that helps you understand the structure and develop complex schemas.
  • Author editing mode - The visual Author mode is also available for XML Schema, allowing you to visually edit the schema annotations. It presents a polished and compact view of the XML Schema, with support for links on imported/included schemas.

For information about applying and detecting schemas, see Associating a Schema to XML Documents.

For more information about editing XML Schemas, see our video demonstration: