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Smaller interrelated modules that define a complex Schematron cannot be correctly edited or validated individually, due to their interdependency with other modules. For example, a diagnostic defined in a main schema document is not visible when you edit an included module. Oxygen XML Editor provides the support for defining the main module (or modules), thus allowing you to edit any of the imported/included schema files in the context of the larger schema structure.

You cat set a main Schematron document either using the master files support from the Project view, or using a validation scenario.

To set a main file using a validation scenario, add validation units that point to the main schemas. Oxygen XML Editor warns you if the current module is not part of the dependencies graph computed for the main schema. In this case, it considers the current module as the main schema.

The advantages of editing in the context of main file include:
  • Correct validation of a module in the context of a larger schema structure.
  • Content Completion Assistant displays all the referable components valid in the current context. This include components defined in modules other than the currently edited one.