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To test the new framework customization, create an XML instance that conforms with the association rules that you specified in your framework customization. You will not specify an XML Schema location directly in the document, using an xsi:schemaLocation attribute. Instead, Oxygen XML Editor will detect its associated document type and use the specified schema.

<book xmlns="http://www.oxygenxml.com/sample/documentation" 

    <title>My Technical Book</title>
        <abs:def>Extensible Markup Language</abs:def>
        <para>In this section of the book I will 
           explain different XML applications.</para>

When trying to validate the document there should be no errors. Now modify the title to title2. Validate again. This time there should be as error.

  Invalid content was found starting with element 
  'title2'. One of '{"http://www.oxygenxml.com/sample/documentation":title}' 
  is expected.

Undo the tag name change, go to Author mode, and Oxygen XML Editor should load the CSS from the document type association and create a layout similar to this:

Figure 1. Example: Testing a Framework Customization