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Oxygen XML Editor allows you to detect the master files using the Detect Master Files option. This action applies to the folders you select in the project.

To detect master files over the entire project, do one of the following:
  • Right-click the root of the project and select Detect Master Files.
  • Use the Detect Master Files from Project option, available in the contextual menu of the Master Files folder.
Both of these options display the Detect Master Files wizard. In the first panel you can select the type of master files you want Oxygen XML Editor to detect. In the subsequent panel the detected master files are presented in a tree-like fashion.The resources are grouped into three categories:
  • Possible master files - The files presented on the first level in this category are not imported or included from other files. These files are most likely to be set as master files.
    Note: For DITA projects, only DITA Maps are reported as possible master files.
  • Cycles - The files that are presented on the first level have circular dependencies between them. Any file presented on the first level of a cycle is a possible master file.
  • Standalone - Files that do not include or import other files and are also not included or imported themselves. It is not necessary to set them as master files.

To set them as master files, simply select their checkboxes. Oxygen XML Editor marks all the children of a master file as modules. Modules are rendered in gray and their tool-tip presents a list of their master files. A module can be accessed from multiple master files.

The master files that are already defined in the project are automatically marked in the tree and cannot be removed. The only way to disable a master file is to delete it from the Master Files folder.

The next panel displays a list with the selected master files. Click the Finish button to add the master files in the Master Files folder.

You can use the Select Master Files option to automatically mark all master files. This action sets all the resources from the Possible Master Files category and the first resource of each Cycle as master files. The Deselect All button simply removes all of your selections.
Tip: It is recommended that you only add top-level files (files that are at the root of the include/import graph) in the Master Files directory.
Attention: If the Master Files Support is disabled, the Master Files directory is rendered only if it contains master files.