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The list of proposals offered by the Content Completion Assistant in Ant build files are context-sensitive and includes proposals that are valid at the current cursor position. It can be manually activated with the Ctrl + Space (Command + Space on OS X) shortcut.

The Content Completion Assistant proposes various item types that are defined in the current Ant build and in the imported and included builds. The proposals include:

  • Element names
  • Attribute names
  • Property names
    Note: In addition to the user-defined properties, the Content Completion Assistant offers the following values:
    • The system properties set in the Java Virtual Machine.
    • The built-in properties that Ant provides.
  • Target names
  • Task and type reference IDs
    Tip: To make a custom task available in the Content Completion Assistant, add a JAR file that contains the task implementation to the library directory of the built-in Ant distribution that comes bundled with Oxygen XML Editor (for example, [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/tools/ant/lib folder).
Note: For Ant resources, the proposals are collected starting from the master files. The master files can be defined in the project or in the associated validation scenario. For further details about the Master Files support go to Defining Master Files at Project Level.