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The licensing terms and conditions for the Oxygen XML Author Component are defined in the Oxygen SDK License Agreement. To obtain the licensing terms and conditions and other licensing information as well, you can also contact the support team at support@oxygenxml.com. You may also obtain a free of charge evaluation license key for development purposes, subject to registration. Any deployment of an application developed using the Oxygen XML Author Component is also subject to the terms of the SDK agreement.

There are two main categories of Oxygen XML Author Component integrations:
  • Integration for internal use:

    You develop an application that embeds the Author Component to be used internally (in your company or by you). You can buy and use previously purchased Oxygen XML Editor floating licenses to enable the runtime usage of the Oxygen XML Author Component as it was integrated into the application.

  • Integration for external use:

    Using the Oxygen XML Author Component, you create an application that you distribute to other users outside your company (with a CMS for example). In this case, you should apply for a Value Added Reseller (VAR) partnership by contacting the Oxygen Sales Team (https://www.oxygenxml.com/sales_support.html).

From a technical point of view, the Oxygen XML Author Component provides the Java API to:

  • Inject floating license server details in the Java code:

    The following link provides details about how to configure an HTTP floating license server: https://www.oxygenxml.com/license_server.html#floating_license_servlet.
      optionsZipURL, codeBase, appID,
          //The servlet URL
          //The HTTP credentials user name
          //The HTTP credentials password
  • Display the license registration dialog box, where the user will paste their license key:

    This is the default behavior if a null license key is set using the API (as in the following example). This transfers the licensing responsibility to the end-user. The user can license an Oxygen XML Author Component using standard named-user based Oxygen XML Editor license keys. The license key will be saved to the local user's disk and on subsequent runs, the user will not be asked again to provide a license key.
       frameworkZips, optionsZipURL, codeBase, appID,
       //Null license key, will ask the user.
  • Inject the licensing information key directly in the component's Java code:

    Note that this method can only be used for evaluation and site license keys. For example:
       frameworkZips, optionsZipURL, codeBase, appID,
       //The license key if it is a fixed license.