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For a special type of XML, you can create a custom framework (which also works in a standalone version of Oxygen XML Editor). Oxygen XML Editor already has frameworks for editing DocBook, DITA, TEI, and so on. Their sources are available in the Oxygen SDK. This custom framework is then packed in a zip archive and used to deploy the component.

Figure 1. Components of a Custom Framework

Multiple frameworks can coexist in the same component and can be used at the same time for editing XML documents.

Figure 2. Multiple Frameworks

You can add on your custom toolbar all actions available in the standalone Oxygen XML Editor application for editing in the Author mode. You can also add custom actions defined in the framework customized for each XML type.

The Oxygen XML Author Component can also provide the Outline, Model, Elements, and Attributes views, which can be added to your own developed containers.

The main entry point for the Oxygen XML Author Component Java API is the AuthorComponentFactory class.