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There are two main types of users for the Author mode: framework developers and content authors.

Framework Developers

A framework developer is a technical person with advanced XML knowledge who defines the framework for authoring XML documents in the visual editor. Once the framework is created or edited by the developer, it is distributed as a deliverable component ready to plug into the application for the content authors.

The framework (document type) configuration defines a type of XML document by specifying all the details needed for editing the content of XML documents in Author mode.

The framework details that are created and customized by the developer include:

  • The CSS stylesheet that drives the visual rendering of the document.
  • The rules for associating an XML schema with the document, which is needed for the content completion assistance and validation of the document.
  • Transformation scenarios for the document.
  • Configuration of XML Catalogs.
  • Custom actions available as buttons on the toolbar or in menus.

Oxygen XML Editor includes some ready-to-use built-in document types for XML frameworks, such as DocBook, DITA, TEI, JATS, and XHTML.

Content Authors

A content author does not need to have advanced knowledge about XML markup, operations such as validation of XML documents, or applying XPath expressions to an XML document. The content author just uses the framework set up by the developer in the application and starts editing the content of XML documents without editing the XML tags directly.