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The number of differences between versions of the same file saved by multiple content authors on multiple computers can be minimized by imposing the same set of formatting options when saving the file, for all the content authors. An example, the following procedure can be used to minimize the differences:

  1. Create an Oxygen XML Editor project file (.xpr) that will be shared by all content authors.
  2. Configure your own formatting preferences. To do this, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Editor > Format, configure the appropriate options in this page, then go to Editor > Format > XML and configure the options there.
  3. Save the configured options into your project file by selecting Project Options in both of the preferences pages.
  4. Save the project and commit the project file to your versioning system so all the content authors can use it.
  5. Make sure the project is opened in the Project view.
  6. Open and save your XML files in the Author mode.
  7. Commit the saved XML files to your versioning system.

When other content authors change the files, only the changed lines will be displayed in your diff tool instead of one big change that does not allow you to see the changes between two versions of the file.