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Oxygen XML Editor includes a variety of helpful review tools that improve your ability to collaborate with other members of your team, track changes, mark content for various reasons, add comments in your content, and to manage the review features.

Tracking Document Changes

The Track Changes feature is a way to keep track of the changes you make in a document. The Track Changes feature highlights changes that you make to the content in a document, as well as changes to attributes. Changes can be tracked for insertions and deletions. When the Track Changes feature is activated, insertions are rendered in Author mode with an underline while deletions are rendered with a strike through.

The tracked changes are also displayed in the Review view and you can also choose to present the changes in callouts by selecting the Track Changes Deletions and Track Changes Insertions options in the Callouts preferences page.

Adding Comments in Documents

You can associate a comment to a selected area of content. Comments can highlight virtually any content from your document, with the exception of read-only text. The difference between using comments and change tracking is that a comment can be associated to an area of text without modifying or deleting the text.

Comments are presented in callouts with persistent highlights and a colored background. The background color is assigned automatically by the application, but it can also be customized from the Review preferences page.

Highlighting Content

Oxygen XML Editor includes a highlighting feature that allows you to create digital markers to emphasize important fragments of your documents. This is especially useful when you want to mark content that needs additional work or the attention of others.

Using the Review View

Oxygen XML Editor includes a Review view that provides a simplified way of monitoring all the insertions, deletions, comments, and highlights in an XML document. This handy tool is especially useful for large teams that need to gather and manage all the edits from all team members who are working on the same project.

The Review view is also useful for managing tracked changes and comments in a single panel. In this view, the changes and comments are presented in a compact form, in the order they appear in the document, and they are synchronized with the changes and comments in the main editing area.

You can use this view to quickly navigate through changes, accept or reject them, or to view and manage comments or highlights. You can also search for specific changes or comments and it includes some filtering options (for example, you can filter it to only show certain types of edits or to only show edits for a particular author).

Printing Review Information

When you print a document from Author mode, whatever review information is shown in the main editing area will be included in the printed output. For example, tracked changes will be included and as long as the Comments option is selected in the Callouts preferences page, comment callouts will also be included (same with tracked change callouts if their corresponding options are selected in the Callouts preferences page.