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The Quick Assist support helps you to rapidly access search and refactoring actions. If one or more actions are available in the current context, they are accessible via a yellow bulb icon () placed at the current line in the stripe on the left side of the editor. Also, you can invoke the Quick Assist menu by using the Alt + 1 (Meta + Alt + 1 on Mac OS X) keyboard shortcuts.

The Quick Assist support offers direct access to the following actions:
Rename Component in
Renames the component and all its dependencies.
Search Declarations
Searches the declaration of the component in a predefined scope. It is available only when the context represents a component name reference.
Search References
Searches all references of the component in a predefined scope.
Component Dependencies
Searches the component dependencies in a predefined scope.
Change Scope
Configures the scope that will be used for future search or refactor operations.
Rename Component
Allows you to rename the current component in-place.
Search Occurrences
Searches all occurrences of the component within the current file.