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Higher resolution icons can also be included in customized frameworks for rendering them in a Retina or HiDPI display. The icons can be referenced directly from the Document Type Congifuration dialog box (from the Action dialog box) or from an API (ro.sync.exml.workspace.api.node.customizer.XMLNodeRendererCustomizer).

As with any image, the higher resolution icons are stored in the same images folder as the normal resolution images and they are identified by a scaling factor that is included in the name of the image files. For instance, icons with a Retina scaling factor of 2 will include @2x in the name (for example, myIcon@2x.png).

Developers should not specify the path of the alternate icons (@2x or @3x) in the Action dialog box or the XMLNodeRendererCustomizer API. When using a Retina or HiDPI display, Oxygen XML Editor automatically searches the folder of the normal icon for a corresponding image file with a Retina scaling factor in the name. If the higher resolution icon file does not exist, the normal icon is scaled and used instead.