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To add a custom view in Oxygen XML Editor, follow this procedure:

  1. Locate the plugin.xml descriptor file for your plugin (should be located inside the plugins folder, for example, [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/plugins/myPlugin). Define the ID of the view you want to add and specify the location where it will be placed:
    <view id="SampleWorkspaceAccessID" initialSide="WEST" initialRow="0"/>
  2. In your Workspace Access Plugin Extension implementation, where the applicationStarted callback is received, add a view component customizer like this:
    pluginWorkspaceAccess.addViewComponentCustomizer(new ViewComponentCustomizer() {
     public void customizeView(ViewInfo viewInfo) {
         //The view ID defined in the "plugin.xml"
         "SampleWorkspaceAccessID".equals(viewInfo.getViewID())) {
         cmsMessagesArea = new JTextArea("CMS Session History:");
         viewInfo.setComponent(new JScrollPane(cmsMessagesArea));
         viewInfo.setTitle("CMS Messages");
  3. Define the cmsMessagesArea as a static field (if you can access the messages area from anywhere in your code).