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Validation for the Design mode is seamlessly integrated in the Oxygen XML Developer XML documents validation capability.

Figure 1. XML Schema Validation

A schema validation error is presented by highlighting the invalid component:

  • In the Attributes View.
  • In the diagram by surrounding the component that has the error with a red border.
  • A marker on the errors stripe at the right of the diagram view.
  • A status label with a red icon () below the diagram view.

Invalid facets for a component are highlighted in the Facets View.

Components with invalid properties are rendered with a red border. This is a default color, but you can customize it in the Document checking user preferences. When hovering an invalid component, the tooltip will present the validation errors associated with that component.

When editing a value that is supposed to be a qualified or unqualified XML name, the application provides automatic validation of the entered value. This proves to be very useful in avoiding setting invalid XML names for the given property.

If you validate the entire schema using the Validate action from the Document > Validate menu or from the Validation toolbar drop-down menu, all validation errors will be presented in the Errors tab. To resolve an error, just click it (or double-click for errors located in other schemas) and the corresponding schema component will be displayed as the diagram root so that you can easily correct the error.

Important: If the schema imports only the namespace of other schema without specifying the schema location and a catalog is set up that maps the namespace to a certain location both the validation and the diagram will correctly identify the imported schema.
Tip: If the validation action finds that the schema contains unresolved references, the application will suggest the use of validation scenarios, but only if the currently edited schema is an XML Schema module.