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The Oxygen XML Developer Quick Fix support helps you resolve errors that appear in an XML document by offering Quick Fixes to problems such as missing required attributes or invalid elements. Quick Fixes are available in Text mode

To activate this feature, hover over or place the cursor in the highlighted area of text where a validation error or warning occurs. If a Quick Fix is available for that particular error or warning, you can access the Quick Fix proposals with any of the following methods:
  • When hovering over the error or warning, the proposals may be presented in a tooltip pop-up window and the available quick Quick Fixes include a link that can be used to perform the fix.

    Figure 1. Quick Fix Presented in a Tooltip in Text Mode

  • If you place the cursor in the highlighted area where a validation error or warning occurs, a Quick Fix icon () is displayed in the stripe on the left side of the editor. If you click this icon, Oxygen XML Developer displays the list of available fixes.

    Figure 2. Quick Fix Menu Invoked by Clicking on the Icon

  • With the cursor placed in the highlighted area of the error or warning, you can also invoke the Quick Fix menu by pressing Alt + 1 (Command + Alt + 1 on OS X) on your keyboard.

Whenever you make a modification in the XML document or you apply a fix, the list of Quick Fixes is recomputed to ensure that you always have valid proposals.

Note: A Quick Fix that adds an element inserts it along with required and optional elements, and required and fixed attributes, depending on how the Content Completion preferences are configured.