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The main window consists of the following views:

  • Repositories view - Allows you to define and manage Apache Subversion repository locations.
  • Working Copy view - Allows you to manage with ease the content of the working copy.
  • History view - Displays information (author name, revision number, commit message) about the changes made to a resource during a specified period of time.
  • Editor view - Allows you to edit various types of text files, with full syntax-highlight.
  • Annotations view - Displays a list with information regarding the structure of a document (author and revision for each line of text).
  • Compare view - Displays the differences between two revisions of a text file from the working copy.
  • Image Preview panel - Allows you to preview standard image files supported by Syncro SVN Client: JPG, GIF and PNG.
  • Compare Images view - Displays two images side by side.
  • Properties view - Displays the SVN properties of a resource under version control.
  • Console view - Displays information about the currently running operation, similar with the output of the Subversion command-line client.
  • Dynamic Help view - Shows information about the currently selected view.

The main window's status bar presents in the left side the operation in progress or the final result of the last performed action. In the right side there is a progress bar for the running operation and a stop button to cancel the operation.