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The <sqf:user-entry> element defines a value that must be set manually by the user. If multiple <user-entry> elements are defined, Oxygen XML Developer will display a dialog box for each one where the user can specify values. Also, the <user-entry> element can be used as an XPath variable where the XPath variable is the name of the <user-entry>. Note that the @default attribute defines a default value for the operation by using an XPath expression (as in the example below) and its value will be presented in the user entry dialog box.

An Example of the <sqf:user-entry> Element:
<sqf:fix id="editTitle">
        <sqf:title>Edit the journal title</sqf:title>
    <sqf:user-entry name="newTitle" default="@title">
            <sqf:title>Edit the title:</sqf:title>
    <sqf:replace match="@title" target="title" node-type="keep" select="$newTitle"/>