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To restrict a Quick Fix or a specific operation to only be available if certain conditions are met, the @use-when attribute can be included in the <sqf:fix> element or any of the SQF operation elements. The condition of the @use-when attribute is an XPath expression and the fix or operation will be performed only if the condition is satisfied. In the following example, the use-when condition is applied to the <sqf:fix> element:
<sqf:fix id="last" use-when="$colWidthSummarized - 100 lt $lastWidth"
       <sqf:title>Subtract excessive width from the last element.</sqf:title>
   <let name="delta" value="$colWidthSummarized - 100"/>
   <sqf:add match="html:col[last()]" target="width" node-type="attribute">
    <let name="newWidth" value="number(substring-before(@width,'%')) - $delta"/>
       <value-of select="concat($newWidth,'%')"/>