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The Tree Editor (Tools > Tree Editor) is used for editing the content of a document displayed as an XML tree. The workspace offers the following functional areas:

  • Main menu - Provides access to all the features and functions available in Oxygen XML Developer Tree Editor.
  • Toolbar - Provides easy access to common and frequently used functions. Each icon is a button that acts as a shortcut to a related function.
  • Editor panel - Easy editing of structured mark-up documents. Each token has an associated icon for easier visual identification.
  • Message panel - Displays messages returned from user operations.
  • Model view - Shows the detailed information about the attribute or element that you are working on.
  • All Elements panel - Presents a list of all defined elements that can be inserted within your document.

The tree editor does not offer entity support. Entities are not presented with a special type of node in the tree and new entity nodes cannot be inserted in the document.