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In the various procedures for creating a plugin, you are usually instructed to copy your plugin folder to the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/plugins/ directory. If you want to test the code in your plugin without copying it to that folder, follow this procedure:
  1. Create a file called plugin.redirect that contains the full file path references to your project (for example, C:\Users\john_doe\Documents\sample-plugin-folder).
  2. Save that file in any folder (for example, called sample_test_folder) inside the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/plugins/ directory.

    Step Result: Oxygen XML Developer will automatically load the plugin from your project location.

  3. Now you can modify the Java code, the IDE will automatically compile it, and if the plugin.xml file has a classpath reference to the compiled classes folder, you can restart Oxygen XML Developer and test your changes.