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The Switch action is useful when the repository location of a working copy, or an already committed item in the working copy, must be changed within the same repository. The action is available on the Tools menu when a versioned resource is selected in the current working copy that is displayed in the Working Copy view.

Note: External items cannot be switched using this action. Instead, change the value of the svn:externals property set on the parent directory of the external item and update the parent directory.
Figure 1. Switch Dialog Box

The following options can be configured in the Switch dialog box:

Switch to URL
The new location in the same repository you are switching to.
Tip: You can switch to items that were deleted, moved, or replaced, by specifying the original URL (before the item was removed) and use a peg revision at the end (for example, URL@rev1234).
Note: For items that are already switched that you want to switch back, the proposed URL is the original location of the item.
The specific version of the location that you are switching to.
Depth - (This option is applicable only for directories)
Current depth
Obeys the depths registered for the directories in the working copy that are to be switched.
Recursive (infinity)
Switches the location of the selected folder and all of its files and folders.
Immediate children (immediates)
Switches the location of the selected folder and its child files and folders without recursing subfolders.
File children only (files)
Switches the location of the selected folder and its child files.
This folder only (empty)
Switches the location of the selected folder (no child files or folders are included).
Ignore "svn:externals" definitions
When selected, external items are ignored in the switch operation. This option is only available if you choose the Current depth or Recursive (infinity) depth.
Change the working copy item to the specified depth
Changes the sticky depth on the directory in the working copy.
Ignore ancestry
When not selected, the SVN system does not allow you to switch to a location that does not share a common ancestry with the current location. If selected, the SVN does not check for a common ancestry.